Grand Canyon National Park

DSC_2435I have mixed emotions about Grand Canyon.  It is  – huge.  and unfathomable.  But – we only viewed it from the rim and it was kind of a “okay, we’ve been there, done that” experience.  I imagine I would have a totally different impression of the Grand Canyon had we hiked into it (and survived), taken a mule trip or rafted through it.  Absent doing those things, we walked along the rim, fighting some of the 5 million people who visit annually – a significant portion of them seemingly visiting Fourth of July weekend when we did.  We did stick around for sunset and watched it from the Desert View Watchtower lookout point.  If you are merely looking at the Grand Canyon from the top, as we did, I recommend that you ditch the Grand Canyon Village scene and drive out to Desert View Watchtower.  Not nearly so many crowds and the view is just as nice.  You will have to drive, though, since the shuttle doesn’t go that far.




2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon National Park

  1. Ryan Mooney

    Holy crap Mary! Get a little close to that elk???

    Great shots of the sunset. And, I agree, the Desert View area is the way to go if you can’t get off the rim.


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