Zion National Park



It’s not that we’ve been leisurely about our trip but as we reached southern Utah, we realized that we were fast approaching the end of our trip.  We decided that we were going to try to “hit and run” the five Utah National Parks but still try to have a meaningful experience at each.  First up, Zion.

Zion’s doesn’t permit personal vehicles in the canyon unless you’re staying there but their shuttle system is good and they have lots of buses.  We didn’t even try to park close to the park.  We parked on the street in Springdale, grabbed a quick lunch and took the Springdale shuttle to Zion where we caught the canyon shuttle to see the sights.  We did the hike to the Lower Emerald Pool which, unfortunately, was almost dry.  Too late in the season.  We also took the Riverwalk trail from the Temple of Sinawava.  I wanted to see the beginning of the Narrows which, along with the Angel’s Landing trail, is one of the marquee attractions.  Over half of the Narrows trail is in the Virgin River in the canyon.  I wasn’t planning on us getting into the river but once we arrived at the end of the Riverwalk trail, what else could we do?  We waded up about one mile before we got to a turn where a six-foot tall guy said it would be chest high.  His chest was quite a bit higher than Sarah’s or mine so we turned back.  Our pictures are all taken in calm water but we waded up through some water that was moving fairly fast and was almost knee-high.  What an experience!  We weren’t entirely prepared for what we did – we didn’t bring our hiking poles – but it was a ton of fun.  We both want to go back and go further!


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