Beehive Trail

Blame it on Ryan Mooney!  We wouldn’t have attempted this trail except that Ryan said it was “fun”.  I should’ve checked before we started.  It describes Beehive as “moderate to difficult,” “using iron rungs on ledges of exposed cliffs and is very steep, offering spectacular views of Sand Beach and the surrounding area.”  I bailed on the trail shortly after this ascent but Sarah made it almost to the top before turning back.  It was exhilarating when it wasn’t terrifying.  I’m sure the views are “spectacular” except that I was hugging the rock ledges all the way plus it was foggy.  Probably wasn’t a good idea for someone with no depth perception to attempt.  Sarah said that some of the moms of families she encountered higher up seemed to share my hesitation (aversion?) to the heights and exposure.  After we got back down, we found out that there was an easier trail to the top.  Of course!





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