Here it is – July 13 – and we’re home.  Wait – let me say that again  – – we’re home!  Safe and sound.

It has been an incredible opportunity to spend the last 6 weeks touring some of the great American National Parks.  We live in an amazing country with such diverse landscapes.  A long day’s drive can result in a change from the high desert to alpine-like mountains and then onto beautiful coastlines.   I was privileged to share this journey with my beautiful daughter and great driver, Sarah.  It was a fun time and we made wonderful memories.

By the numbers:

23 – National Parks visited (out of 59)

10 – Other National Park Service units visited

15 – States visited

34 – Lowest temperature (Olympic National Park)

117 – Highest temperature (Death Valley National Park)

-282 – Lowest elevation (282 below sea level) (Death Valley National Park)

12,183 – Highest elevation (Rocky Mountain National Park)

11,372 – Total miles driven

2.35 – Cheapest premium gas (St. Joseph, MO – 7/13)

3.65 – Most expensive premium gas (Baker, CA – outside Death Valley National Park – 7/2)

40 – Days on vacation

39 – Nights on vacation

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