Summer 2017 Road Trip

We’re taking the window between Sarah’s summer internship and second year of law school for a quick road trip east.  Primary destination – Acadia National Park.  We veered off I-70 to Casey, Illinois, lured by the sign promising the World’s Largest Wind Chimes.  How could we resist when last year we saw the World’s Largest Buffalo in South Dakota?  Casey has gone all-in on their theme of “Big Things in a Small Town”.  In addition to the World’s Largest Wind Chimes, they also boast the World’s Largest Rocking Chair, Pitchfork, Golf Tee, Crochet and Knitting Needles and Wooden Shoes.  Who knew?  The interesting thing is that they have combined these oddities (absurdities?) with luscious landscaping and beautiful flowers as well as oversized nicely-executed art pieces such as pencils and rulers, bike racks, etc.  I wonder a) how they decided on this theme and b) who funds all of the oversized pieces and the beautiful landscaping.  Gotta admire the way they’ve embraced this idea.  Dinner and a little retail therapy at a very nice mall in Indianapolis – unlike any Simon property I’ve seen but I guess you’d expect the best in Simon’s hometown.  Overnight in a cabin at a pretty little KOA outside of Dayton.


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